Wool Dryer Balls – A More Natural, Chemical Free Way to Dry Your Laundry

If you are looking for a more natural, chemical free way to do your laundry, try using a wool dryer ball set. Purchasing wool dryer ball set will help you efficiently and effectively do your laundry without any chemicals and they are one hundred percent natural. If you don’t want to spend any extra money you can make your own wool dryer balls out of wool yarn or up-cycle your old wool sweaters and hats. You can’t fully rid yourself of exposure to outside chemicals and pollutants but you can significantly lower and omit all the chemicals in your home. Get rid of those harmful laundry detergents, fabric softeners and cleaning agents and try a more natural, chemical free approach.

Wool Dryer Balls - A More Natural, Chemical Free Way to Dry Your Laundry

What Do Wool Dryer Balls Do?

When you insert four to six wool dryer balls into your dryer, they act as both a fabric softener and dryer sheet in one. The wool dryer balls move freely, in between your clothes and towels, to naturally fluff and separate them. This will keep them free of wrinkles and also help them dry faster. Wool dryer balls are also know to get rid of static cling. The wool naturally absorbs the static charge and keeps your clothes static free. Nothing’s worse than slipping on your favorite sweater and having your hair stand on end or shocking everything you touch, due to static electricity.

You’ll Never Need to Buy Dryer Sheets or Fabric Softeners Again

Purchasing a wool dryer ball set will rid you of ever having to buy dryer sheets of fabric softeners. One set of wool dryer balls will last for two to five years and can withstand thousands of loads of laundry without falling apart. This will add up to huge yearly savings and you will be able to save your money for more important things. Who knew you spent so much on laundry aides? The fact that one set of dryer balls will do the job of both dryer sheets and fabric softeners is amazing and you’ll be saving money, that’s a huge plus!

Wool Dryer Balls - A More Natural, Chemical Free Way to Dry Your Laundry

Create Scented Wool Dryer Balls

You may like the way that those laundry aides make your clothes smell but the chemicals used to create those scents are terrible for you and your family. You can create the same scents without all those chemicals by making your wool dryer balls scented. All you need to do is add a few drops of natural essential oils to your dryer balls before using. Let them dry and then toss them in with your load of laundry. The scent will last for at least four to five loads. When you need to revamp your wool dryer balls just add a few more drops of oil and your ready to go! Use your favorite essential oils or make your own blends. You can experiment with your own essential oil mixtures or try one of these popular blends: lavender and chamomile, eucalyptus and citrus, lemongrass and lavender or tea tree and rosemary.