Sleeping pattern is considerably affected during pregnancy. Sleeping problems can be in form of heartburn, nausea, limb cramps and nausea. The baby movement and the general hormone alteration are however, the main contributing factors. The extent of insomnia can progresses with, the extent of pregnancy period, with the second and third trimester being the most sleepless. Read pregnancy pillow reviews before buying.

  • If you are in you’re in your second trimester and you can’t get a comfortable sleeping position, try avoid the couch and bed altogether. Sleeping on a recliner with pillows placed under your spine, ribs and between your knees with your feet up will improve your sleep. As the baby bump increases, especially during third trimester, the overlying weight exerts considerable weight on the vena cava and other underlying blood vessels affecting blood flow to and from your heart thus making it quite uncomfortable to sleep on the bed.
  • Avoid midnight light and taking liquids just before bedtime. If you like keeping lights on while sleeping, put them off this time. Other than just stimulating your brain’s alertness, light has also been found to promote fetus movement (During third trimester, mainly). Keep your baby less excited, in the dark.
  • Eat less, many times. The reason why you are getting a heartburn is because the baby bump occupies a large space, pressing your stomach slightly up. This forces some of your digestive acids upwards, causing heartburn. So try put aside your usual three course meal timetable and five or six small meals consisting of required proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. Go for your cravings too, with many proteins, but keep them small.
  • Cut on anxiety and stress. You might have sleepless nights by just being anxious about your new roles, worried about the baby! In fact uncontrolled anxiety can lead to labor complications. So keep yourself calm, visit the gym often and chill and go to bed on time.
  • Maintain your comfort by buying more pillows. How you lie will affect your comfort but pillows add extra comfort. Wedge your knees with them as you sleep, stuff them under your head and arms and so on.
  • Keep the normal sleeping pattern. It can be tempting to nap while pregnant. Daytime naps will reprieve you the nighttime sleep. Keep yourself preoccupied during the day, comfortably and you will sleep long at night.